About Searching the Lehman Special Correspondence Files

Words in Documents searches the following fields:

  • Correspondent
  • Date
  • Document type
  • Document ID
  • The full text of the correspondence

Please note that the accuracy of full text search results may vary. Full text searching is enabled through the OCR (optical character recognition) process. The results of this process depend on the characteristics of the original documents, for example the font and paper quality.

Date searches for a range of dates or one particular date. Examples of valid date searches include:

  • From 1865 Feb 19 to 1916 Jan 10
    searches all correspondence between these dates
  • From 1865 to 1916
    searches all correspondence dated from 1865 to 1916
  • From Feb to Apr
    searches all correspondence dated Feb, Mar, or April of any year

The "day" field searching is not valid for month-only searches.

Please note that some correspondence is not dated; a date-restriction search will eliminate these materials from your search.

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